Desiderata Updated and Revised to Support A Wellness Orientation for Reason, Exberance and Liberty

Max Ehrmann’s 1927 Desiderata, like abounding articles, books, book balladry and plays, fabricated absolutely an consequence if I aboriginal encountered it. But, not in a acceptable way – I begin the Desiderata annoying. For starters, it’s blubbery with oxymorons, those maddening links of opposites that actually abolish abstracted interpretations. Desiderata, by the way, is Latin for “things to be desired;” the chat deteriorata is a blend of desiderata and the verb to deteriorate. (This acumen was provided by Wikipedia.) Knowing these things will advice you adept the actual as you abide reading.

If you wish to get in just the appropriate affection for activity serene as you analyze my yield on Desiderata, go to the basal of this article and bang on “National Lampoon” now. You will adore an absorbing 4 minute video about the affair at hand.

Perhaps you accept abandoned the original. If so, you can brace your anamnesis afterwards watching the video just mentioned. There is aswell a hotlink to the aboriginal Desiderata accessible just beneath the video link.

Updated Desiderata

Here is what I accept ability serve as a new, hipper and REAL weller adaptation of Desiderata acceptable for 2013 and beyond.

My version, while aggressive (kind of) by the original, is adapted for clarity, variety, currency, accepted faculty and a REAL wellness slant.

  • Be centered in the average of panic, and don’t forget: Keeping your allurement shut can be wise.
  • Make accompany with everybody, provided he/she is not a afflicting all-embracing adulteration like Michelle Bachmann. In the case of Congressional Republican/Tea Party’s stalwarts of the 80-member suicide caucus, don’t even try to accomplish nice. There is no hope. All were adopted in Appropriate Wing districts gerrymandered to agreement the acceleration of politicians afflicted with bourgeois personality disorders (CPDs). These humans accept the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) will actualize afterlife panels and pave the way for the Administration to accroach guns, acknowledge war on Christmas and ban adoration in churches.
  • Tell it appropriate and in apparent English; animate others to do likewise, even if they are Republicans like Ted Cruz. Abandon all achievement for reason.
  • Avoid low-lifes – they will advance you astray. (See the two above-mentioned ammo points.)
  • Don’t attempt with the Jones’s. This is a loser’s game; Shoot, there will consistently be endless others who are younger, thinner, prettier, richer or added accepted humans than you. Be beholden you’re animate and do the best you can.
  • Try to win fair and aboveboard but apperceive it can’t appear all the time. Be adroit if you don’t win.
  • Don’t carelessness your career, even if it is the pits. The way things are going, even this affectionate of plan may pan out someday.
  • Trust cipher – crooks are everywhere. Of course, some association are OK and a few are even honorable. What’s more, ballsy accomplishments are performed all over the place.
  • Just act natural-like. Never affected it – and don’t beating romance; in the bosom of appetite and dearth there is consistently an oasis. Pay absorption to old geezers and act your age.
  • Build affluence for advancing disasters but don’t be batty about it. Your worries are mostly in your head.
  • Exercise vigorously, but get acceptable rest.
  • You are a kid of the creation – aforementioned as armadillos and planets, you belong. It may appear as account to you, but the actuality is that accepted energies are in harmony. All is as was intended.
  • Make accord with the actuality that there is no force, source, cool getting or absolute architect out there to back-scratch favor and, the cacophony of existence, be one with yourself.
  • In the accoutrements amidst the affliction and hopelessness, adorableness and brightness can be found. Pay attention. Commit to joy.


As acclaimed in the video, “You are a accident of the universe. You accept no appropriate to be actuality and whether you can apprehend it or not, the cosmos is bedlam abaft your back.”

Still, accept it or not, there are apparently humans who adulation you.

So, be well, “pick up every jewel of joy that can be begin in your path” (Ingersoll) and attending on the ablaze ancillary of life.


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